Vim’s Job Opportunity Exhibition

Vim’s job fair is an opportunity for job seekers looking for jobs, with more than 60 companies and organization participating in the exhibition providing more than 1,900 jobs.

We, as a Bestun group companies, participated in the Vim Job Fair on June 25 and 26, with the presence of well-known figures from the Kurdistan Regional Government, Krg Vice President Qubad Talabani, and Sulaimaniyah Governor Dr. Haval Abubakr.

By providing 10 job opportunities, Bestun group companies participated in the Vim Job Fair to help young people looking for job opportunities and help them find the skills and experiance they have.

with more than 8,000 workers participating in the exhibition receiving more than 1,500 CVs from our company

Bestun works in the field of construction equipment such as steel rebar, cement, BRC and mesh wire, and Riva works in the field of sanitary equipment.

Bestun Group Strong Building, Strong Nation