Bestun Group Partners with DataQuest to Forge a Path to Market Leadership

Sulaymaniyah, October 9, 2023. In a landmark meeting, Bestun Group, a leading name in the industry, joined forces with DataQuest, a data analytics powerhouse, to embark on a mission to secure their Trinity main aims in market leadership. The purpose of the meeting in Bestun Group’s HQ, driven by the vision of Bestun Group’s owner, […]

Employee safety is a priority at Bestun Group

On September 9, 2023, Bestoon Group of Companies celebrated World First Aid Day with the aim of raising awareness among employees about first aid. The event was to emphasize the importance of first aid skills and knowledge among employees.

Self-Healing Concrete: Paving the Way to Durable and Sustainable Infrastructure

Concrete is the backbone of modern infrastructure, but its inherent vulnerability to cracks and degradation poses challenges for longevity and maintenance. However, a remarkable solution is emerging in the form of self-healing concrete. This innovative technology has the potential to revolutionize the construction industry by significantly extending the lifespan of structures, reducing maintenance costs, and […]

Offering free of charge rebar stirrup

Offering free of charge rebar stirrup The strength of building blocks and projects is contingent upon the type of materials used. Bestun Company is committed to providing the best construction materials to its customers.The rebar stirrups used in our buildings must be of high quality. Our rebar stirrups are manufactured in a variety of sizes […]

The Future of Construction: Innovations in Rebar Steel and Cement Technology

The construction industry is experiencing a significant transformation as innovative technologies and materials are reshaping the way we build. Two critical areas of focus for the future of construction are rebar steel and cement technology. Advancements in these fields have the potential to revolutionize the industry by making structures stronger, more sustainable, and more efficient. […]

The Second Economic Forum

The participation of Bestun Group at The Second Economic Forum in Sulaymaniyah with the aim of introducing the company and promoting the investment sector in Sulaymaniyah، the forum focused on discussing the development of the investment and industry sector. In the presence of the founder and owner of the Bestun Group Mr. Bestun Ahmad Raza, […]

A visit to the Mass Factory

A visit to the Mass Factory was organized by Bestun Company for Kirkuk Governorate Agents which included a tour around the factory to further improve their level of knowledge on the production of rebar steel and ensure the quality of Mass rebar steel.

The Power of Rebar Steel in Construction

Rebar steel: Rebar, short for reinforcement bar is the backbone of construction. While often unseen beneath layers of concrete, this vital component plays a critical role in ensuring the strength, stability, and longevity of countless structures worldwide. Whether it’s towering skyscrapers, massive bridges, or humble residential homes, rebar steel provides the reinforcement necessary to withstand […]

The Role of Cement in Construction: A Comprehensive Guide.

Cement is one of the primary building materials used in construction, and it plays a critical role in the strength and durability of many types of structures. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about cement, its composition, types, uses, and advantages in construction. What is Cement? Cement is a binding […]