Visit of Bestun Company agents to Sulaimani

Bestun Company agents for Karbala visited Sulaimani on 27/4/2024 The trip began with exploring the beautiful scenery of the city and the rich culture of the city, then visiting Mount Azmar, Sulaimani market and prominent areas of Sulaimani.   The agents then proceeded to the Bestun Group head office, having a meeting with discussions on […]

Which points should we follow on the quality of the steel bars we use in our buildings?

In construction endeavors, steel bars rank among the pivotal materials crucial for enhancing earthquake resistance. It is imperative that the steel bars exhibit superior quality, possess exceptional flexibility, and demonstrate resilience against unforeseen events, particularly (earthquakes). Engineers and project owners must carefully take into account various key considerations when designing and incorporating suitable steel bars […]

World Cancer Day

Among the 4,100 patients at Taipei Jin Ai Hospital identified as victims of radioactive contamination, 89 developed cancer, confirming a potential connection between prolonged exposure to low radiation and an increased incidence of cancer in this cohort. This study underscores the significance of addressing the repercussions of past radioactive contamination incidents, including the use of […]

Baghdad International Fair

Beston Group of Companies is delighted to actively engage in the forty-seventh Baghdad International Fair. The event witnessed the presence of government officials, consulate representatives, business leaders, investors, and media from over 200 construction and investment firms. Focused on showcasing sectors such as (construction, heating and cooling technology, energy, and electricity,,etc) the exhibition underscores our […]


A visitation prepared by Riva company which is one of the Bestun Group companies for the installers of Pshdar and Bituen that works in the fields of sanitary ware in 17, 18 August of 2022. In the series of our activities that included searching through the exhibition and the Riva warehouse to see the Riva […]

Celebrating International Mountain Day: A Call to Action

Mountains, often regarded as stoic and immovable, play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance and sustaining life. Recognizing their significance, the United Nations designates December 11 as International Mountain Day, a day to raise awareness and promote sustainable practices. As we delve into the history, themes, and importance of this observance, it becomes clear […]

Bestun Group Partners with DataQuest to Forge a Path to Market Leadership

Sulaymaniyah, October 9, 2023. In a landmark meeting, Bestun Group, a leading name in the industry, joined forces with DataQuest, a data analytics powerhouse, to embark on a mission to secure their Trinity main aims in market leadership. The purpose of the meeting in Bestun Group’s HQ, driven by the vision of Bestun Group’s owner, […]

Employee safety is a priority at Bestun Group

On September 9, 2023, Bestoon Group of Companies celebrated World First Aid Day with the aim of raising awareness among employees about first aid. The event was to emphasize the importance of first aid skills and knowledge among employees.