Visitation for laboratory

Bestun Company Proudly on Tuesday (23-7-2019) a trip to some of the managers of construction laboratories in the cities of Duhok, Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Garmian, Koya and the University of Sulaymaniyah’s laboratory team organized a steel factory to get accurate information and familiarity with the way Mass steel rebar is produced and to ensure the quality […]

Kani Panke school

As part of the bestun group’s efforts to help the community and serve different classes, on 29/10/2019, the Kani Panka Primary School in Said Sadiq district, which currently has more than 400 students, and a large part of the area’s students are going to the school to continue their studies.

Visitation of Dublin

Bestun Company works specifically in the fields of basic construction materials such as steel rebar, cement, BRC, mesh wire and is currently the main agent of the Mass Steel Factory for the iron and steel rebar industry throughout Iraq, the company during his activities and efforts organized a weekly trip to Dubai in January 2022 […]