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A visitation prepared by Riva company which is one of the...

A visitation prepared by Riva company which is one of the Bestun Group companies for the installers of Pshdar and Bituen that works in the fields of sanitary ware in 17, 18 August of 2022. In the series of our activities that included searching through the exhibition and the Riva warehouse to see the Riva company’s products closely.

Then organized a seminar under the title of professional installer seminar organized by the academy department of Riva Company called Riva Pro, they have a group of experienced engineer and installer with the aim of increasing the skills of the installers in the sanitary field, introducing the global brands and demonstrating the innovations in this field, and then how to dismantle and connect goods correctly, solving the problems they face daily.

At the end of the day, a dinner was organized to become more familiar with our installers and provide them with a peaceful atmosphere and listen closely to their criticisms and suggestions.

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