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Which points should we follow on the quality of the steel bars we use in our buildings?

In construction endeavors, steel bars rank among the pivotal materials crucial...

In construction endeavors, steel bars rank among the pivotal materials crucial for enhancing earthquake resistance. It is imperative that the steel bars exhibit superior quality, possess exceptional flexibility, and demonstrate resilience against unforeseen events, particularly (earthquakes). Engineers and project owners must carefully take into account various key considerations when designing and incorporating suitable steel bars in their projects.

It is essential to adhere to specific criteria outlined in standards such as ACI 318M-19 Chapter 20, Section, particularly in seismic zones like those found in Kurdistan, including Sulaimani province.

For steel bars (Grade-60) used in buildings within seismic zones (Design Seismic Category F and E, D, C).

the following key points must be considered to ensure high-quality and ductility, crucial for earthquake resilience:

  1. The actual (tested) yield strength (fy) should not exceed the specified value of 420MPa by more than (125) MPa, ensuring it does not surpass (545) MPa.
  2. The ratio of ultimate tensile strength (fu) to yield strength (fy) should be equal to or greater than (1.25).
  3. Fracture elongation should meet specific requirements, with a minimum of 14% for bars in the range of (10mm to 20mm), and not less than 12% for bars ranging from (22mm to 36mm), determined through fracture elongation tests.
  4. Uniform elongation for steel bars within the ranges of (10mm to 32mm) should not be less than 9, and for bars ranging from (36mm to 57mm), it should not be less than 6 during fracture.

Bestun Company prioritizes the selection of top-quality steel bars from premier iron manufacturers in Iraq. The steel bars supplied by Bestun boast the following key features:

  1. High quality
  2. Exceptional bending strength
  3. Varied sizes
  4. Safety
  5. Efficient delivery

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