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World Cancer Day

Among the 4,100 patients at Taipei Jin Ai Hospital identified as...

Among the 4,100 patients at Taipei Jin Ai Hospital identified as victims of radioactive contamination, 89 developed cancer, confirming a potential connection between prolonged exposure to low radiation and an increased incidence of cancer in this cohort.

This study underscores the significance of addressing the repercussions of past radioactive contamination incidents, including the use of building materials – particularly iron – that escaped radiological scrutiny in the 1980s.

Consequently, there is a crucial need to meticulously assess the quality of the iron utilized and thoroughly inspect the used flake for any radiation presence, followed by its careful re-preparation for the smelting process.

The Bestun Group of Companies proudly declares its continuous dedication to delivering building materials subjected to rigorous testing, ensuring they pose no enduring risk of radiation-induced cancer.

Within this context, the emphasis remains on the provision of secure building materials adhering to the highest safety standards, ensuring the safeguarding of individuals and fostering a healthful and sustainable building environment.

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