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Celebrating International Mountain Day: A Call to Action

Mountains, often regarded as stoic and immovable, play a vital role...

Mountains, often regarded as stoic and immovable, play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance and sustaining life. Recognizing their significance, the United Nations designates December 11 as International Mountain Day, a day to raise awareness and promote sustainable practices. As we delve into the history, themes, and importance of this observance, it becomes clear that mountains are not just geological formations but crucial ecosystems supporting 15% of the world’s population.

History and Themes

The roots of International Mountain Day trace back to 1992 when the United Nations Assembly on “Environment & Development” adopted the agenda for “Sustainable Mountain Development.” Since then, the day has evolved, with each year focusing on critical themes. From managing biodiversity to addressing the challenges faced by mountain minorities and indigenous people, the observance highlights the diverse issues associated with mountain ecosystems.

Bestun Group's Commitment to Cleansing Kurdistan Mountains

Bestun Group, a conglomerate of companies committed to environmental stewardship, holds a deep respect for mountains, particularly those in Kurdistan. Recognizing the historical significance of mountains as the traditional home of Kurds, especially in challenging times, Bestun Group has undertaken initiatives to cleanse and preserve these mountains. In alignment with International Mountain Day’s ethos, the group aims to safeguard the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage associated with Kurdistan’s mountains. By actively participating in restoration projects, Bestun Group is contributing to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, emphasizing the theme of “Restoring Mountain Ecosystems” for International Mountain Day 2023.

The Importance of International Mountain Day

Mountains are not only awe-inspiring landscapes but also house nearly half of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. However, they face threats from human activities, climate change, and unsustainable development. International Mountain Day serves as a platform to raise awareness about these challenges and mobilize global efforts for conservation. With over 78 countries and 130 major organizations actively participating, the day fosters a sense of collective responsibility towards preserving these invaluable ecosystems.

How to Celebrate International Mountain Day

Engaging in International Mountain Day is not limited to those residing in mountainous regions. Simple actions, such as supporting mountain products, partnering with conservation organizations, or participating in social media campaigns with #MountainsMatter, can contribute to the cause. Bestun Group encourages individuals to actively participate in clean-up activities, plant trees, and support charities dedicated to mountain communities. By fostering a sense of responsibility and appreciation for mountains, we can collectively ensure their sustainability.


Celebrating International Mountain Day transcends a mere acknowledgment of geographical features; it is a testament to our dedication and gratitude for mountains. Bestun Group exemplifies this commitment through its initiatives to cleanse and preserve Kurdistan’s mountains, acknowledging their historical and cultural significance. As we celebrate this day, let us remember that our collective efforts are essential to ensuring the continued well-being of these majestic landscapes. Mountains are not just geographical entities; they are nature’s gift to humanity, deserving of our utmost care and preservation.

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