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Riva Company, a distinguished member of the Bestun Group Companies, arranged...

Riva Company, a distinguished member of the Bestun Group Companies, arranged a visit for the installers (Pshdar and Bituen), specializing in sanitary ware, on the 17th & 18th of August 2022. During this visit, our primary objective was to provide installers with an up-close experience of Riva Company’s products through a series of activities.
Firstly, we conducted a thorough exploration of the exhibition and the Riva warehouse, allowing the installers to closely examine the range of products offered by Riva Company. This immersive experience aimed to familiarize them with the quality and features of the products.
Furthermore, we organized a seminar titled “Professional Installer Seminar,” hosted by the esteemed Riva Pro Academy. The seminar was designed to enhance the installers’ skills in the field of sanitary installation. Experienced engineers and installers from Riva Company shared their knowledge and expertise to upgrade the installers’ proficiency. The seminar covered various topics, including introducing global brands, highlighting innovations in the field, and providing guidance on correct dismantling and connection techniques. Additionally, the seminar focused on addressing the daily challenges faced by installers and providing effective solutions.
To foster a closer relationship with our installers, we concluded the day with a pleasant dinner, creating a relaxed atmosphere where they could feel comfortable expressing their thoughts. This provided us with an opportunity to attentively listen to their feedback, criticisms, and suggestions while building rapport and camaraderie among the attendees.

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