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The Second Economic Forum

The participation of Bestun Group at The Second Economic Forum in...

The participation of Bestun Group at The Second Economic Forum in Sulaymaniyah with the aim of introducing the company and promoting the investment sector in Sulaymaniyah، the forum focused on discussing the development of the investment and industry sector. In the presence of the founder and owner of the Bestun Group Mr. Bestun Ahmad Raza, representatives of several consulates and embassies of countries in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region as well as investors local and foreign employees from representatives of countries and many prominent personalities on 8 – June -2023, It continued for three days at the Grand Millennium Hotel.

As Bestun Group of Companies, the purpose of our participation was to discuss the development of investment sectors, as well as paying attention to the innovations achieved in the field of construction, meeting the needs of the modern market and serving citizens and creating more jobs.

The main objective of the conference was to promote the investment sector and emphasize the development of the industrial sector, supporting local investors, meeting the needs of citizens and introducing foreign products and innovative technologies in the Kurdistan Region.

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