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Visiting of Mass Steel Factory

Bestun Company in cooperation with Mas Steel Factory on 19/5/2022 organized...

Bestun Company in cooperation with Mas Steel Factory on 19/5/2022 organized a visit to the craftsmen in the field of construction in order to get the right information and familiarity with the steps of producing Mass Steel and making sure the quality and good products of Mass factory.

The beginning of the visit is by going through the factory sections and seeing the scarab section closely dissolving the irons and mixing with some chemical materials for molding irons and heating and making the steel rebar with advanced Italian Daniel machines with high quality automatically produced steel rebars.

Mass Steel Factory is an environmentally friendly they have advanced equipment for reducing and filtering pollute smoke and preventing mixing with the environment, the outside view of the factory of greenery, flowers and flowers proves the beauty and purity of this factory.

During the visitation, we presented a seminar with the presence of all our craftsmen and some factory engineers with the presence of Mr. Qais the manager of Mass Steel Company, in the seminar a speech was presented by the factory manager briefly about the factory and how they work the quality and high level of the factory compared to the factories of foreign countries, then some video was presented introducing the Mass Steel Factory and clearly explaining why the Mass steel rebar is at a high level and then a lunch the visit is over

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